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I live in Akron and enjoy photography as a hobby. I like to travel and explore new places. Right now I am just having fun and gaining experience. I can be contacted at:

I take wildlife photos for the Portage Lakes Calendar and The Snow Leopard Trust, a terrific non-profit. I also shoot Junior High and High School sports for my kids' schools, and work shots for an industry calendar. I shoot weddings occasionally for friends and family or people in need of a photographer at the last-minute.

If you are looking for a photo I have taken of you, go to the Gallery "Other" and look for the date the photo was taken. All photos and other merchandise on this site at this time are "at cost", eg: only Smugmug makes a profit from your order, I make nothing. Most of the photos are unlocked and may be downloaded. Please contact me by e-mail if you wish to use a photo for commercial purposes. All photos on this site are copyright material.

Thanks for looking! Have a great day! -Conndor

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